Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Cute Things...

I wanted to record some of the cute things my kids have said and done lately before my crazy life makes me forget them.

  • Ethan - He just learned how to ride his 2-wheeler bike about a week ago (5 years old) and he was having a great time riding it around in our cul de sac with the neighbor kids. He was so happy and said, "Look! Everyone is riding a 2 wheeler bike. It's a 2-wheeler jamboree!"

  • Eli gave me his very special teddy bear named "Snuggy" to take with me on my trip to Denver for the Love and Logic Conference. He said he wanted me to take it so I would have some company and think of him. What a cutie?!

  • Ellyse loves to play peek-a-boo right now. She really likes to hide under her blanket and then throw it off her head revealing her BIG smile, as if to say "Surprise!" She also loves it when Eli and Ethan read books to her. She just giggles with delight as she looks at the pictures and enjoys the company of her awesome big brothers.

Love and Logic Conference

So, right now I am in Denver, CO for a Love and Logic facilitator training course. I am actually killing time in the hotel while I wait to catch my plane back home in a few hours. I just finished a full 3 day conference on how to become a Love and Logic trainer. It was incredible. I am so pumped to share what I have learned here with so many people back home. I love the skills and principles taught in Love and Logic. My plan is to start teaching "Becoming a Love and Logic Parent" classes through the community, schools, private groups and clubs, churches, etc. I want everyone to at least hear about Love and Logic and then be able to decide if it is right for them and their personality. I was lucky enough to have my mom also come to the conference. She heard I was going and thought, 'hey, I would love to learn too and it would be a great excuse to go on a 4 day vacation with you!' I am so glad she came. We have had so much fun laughing, learning and meeting people from all over the world. Now we are both excited to go home and share the Love and Logic program with as many people as possible. If you happen to read this and want to know more about how to become a Love and Logic parent or want me to come and teach a seminar or parenting class, then just let me know. I have used Love and Logic with my own kids and I see first hand how great it works. I want everyone to have the same opportunity to raise their kids in an easy, healthy, loving way.

I'm Back....

Hello again to the blogging world. I thought I would just jump right in and start updating my blog again....finally!!!! I was a little out of it with moving and renting out our house, moving in with my parents, building our new house, moving again and then having the everyday events of life take over!! Anyway, no more excuses. I am back to posting and journaling so I don't forget these crazy days of my life.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Cute Things They Say....

I just wanted to record some cute things the kids have said and done lately.

Ethan: "My Dad has something worse than a cold. He has a diet."
(He said this the Kim Watson who was driving carpool home from preschool)

Eli: "Daddy, stop!! I am not a toy."
(Tim was wrestling and playing around with Eli)

Ellyse likes to stick out her tongue all the time. She reaaly likes to make funny noises with her throat and then she smiles so big about it.

Eli: " I am so amazing. I am your special Eli boy!"
(He says this alot. Usually he says it after he puts his shoes on by himself or rides his bike really well.)

Ethan: "I command the rain to stop. Look I am just like Jesus."
(I had recently told him the story of Jesus calming the stormy seas, and a few days later I heard him in his bedroom saying this to the rain outside his window.)

Anyway, I just wanted to write these things down before I forgot them. I love hearing what comes out of their mouths.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silly Photo Time

On July 6, 2010 the kids and I had fun taking silly pictures of oursleves. Oh, the joys of digital cameras. Ethan took a lot of the pictures and we took a bunch ourselves too. We had a ton of fun just being goofy!
Our happy Ellyse!


Sweet kisses from my boys!

We took a lot more pictures, but I didn't think they were all blog worthy. They were mostly just for fun!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Playing in the Sprinklers

On June 7, 2010 we had a fun family night outside. Tim had to fix the sprinklers so we thought it was a good chance to run wild in the sprinklers. The boys loves and so did Tim and I. It was so hot and the cold water felt so good. Ellyse was taking a little nap so she missed out on the water fun, but I think that was probably for the better :).

Summer Reading

Ethan and Eli joined the summer reading program through the library. They are loving it!!! I got this chart for Ethan and he gets to put a sticker in a box for every book that he reads. In the first 2 days he had 2 1/2 rows filled up -that is about 65 books!!! Wow - he is really taking to this reading thing. He is getting really good too since he is practising so much.
Eli isn't reading yet, but he sure memorizes books fast. Here he is "reading" a new Thomas book that I have only read to him a few times. Eli gets a sticker for every book Ethan or I read to him.

The library gave them cards that they get to color . Each day they do their reading goals, they get to color in one of the fish on their card. Then they get prizes from the library each month.

I love seeing Ethan and Eli enjoying to read. I hope they keep it up. They are going through books so fast that we are making lots of trips to the library.